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Artisan Bread: What Is It and Why Bother About It? A Conversation With Don Sadowsky and Eli Colvin

There are few things I like even more than making bread and one of them is talking about bread. So when my bread pal Don Sadowsky started one of his mind challenging –and insanely interesting– discussions around my favorite topic, bread, I was totally captured. The discussion revolved around threats to artisan bakers from supermarket […]

Barley Semola Sourdough

Some loaves just come out happy. This dough, made with no other ambition than having bread for the week, just happened to make loaves with a perfectly moist and open crumb and a crunchy and fragrant crust. That’s why I feel like sharing this simple, yet rewarding, recipe. Of course the main ingredient is a […]

Dairy-free Sourdough Doughnuts

I warn you. After reading this post and looking at the pictures, all you will want to do is to go frying some fermented dough. This is what happened to me after seeing the doughnuts made by Francesca of Creando S’Impara, a blog full of scrumptious leavened goodies. The recipe is in Italian and since […]

Guest Post: The Hole Truth by Don Sadowsky

Recently, there has been quite a lot of discussion on forums for bread acolytes regarding the how and why of the current trend toward open crumb’s loaves, also named, “holey” bread. My bread pal Don Sadowsky seemed to have some good explanation about this and I asked him to put his ideas together in a […]

Red Lentil-Turmeric Sourdough

One day I was reading a lovely post from my friend Che Foodzheit and the post was about a yummy linseeds bread he baked for a Bread Baking Day. Now, since I am very distracted and time disoriented I first thought the bread was made with lentils (linser in Swedish), then after realizing it wasn’t […]

Pain au Chocolat, Step-By-Step of a Work in Progress

Pain au chocolate, chocolate croissant, cornetti al cioccolato. However we may call them at home (mostly me and my daughter), they often pop up in our conversation. Before trying them my child used to like cinnamon rolls. But since finally finding them in a bakery in central Stockholm, chocolate croissant is all she craves. And […]