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August (and April!) 2016: Holma International Workshop Strikes Back – Masters Adon Shifon and William Woo On Board!

As if it wasn’t enough to come to a lovely farm in Southern Sweden, eat fantastic home-made vegetarian food, and learn from chef and master baker Beesham Soogrim about sourdough baking, this summer he managed to get two guest master bakers, and not any master bakers, but simply two of the most brightly shining stars […]

Breads of Italy: Pane Con Le Pere

Every time I go to Italy to visit my family (and enjoy the sun) I come back with some precious “find”. This time it was a tiny book on traditional Italian breads found on our usual foodie stop at Eataly. I Pani Dimenticati, by Rita Monastero, takes us through every Italian region and, for each […]

Easy Holey Ciabattas With Poolish

Yesterday, I was out at a concert (lovely Tori Amos on the last Gay Pride day in Stockholm) and I had this sudden craving for baking bread –how uncharacteristic of me… Unfortunately, I did not have my sourdough starter ready. ‘She’ was sleeping in the fridge and it would have taken a whole day to […]

A Breadhead at Milan’s EXPO

Just back from Milan, where I went for a conference related to nutrition and health, in my role of epidemiologist (but truly it was my foodie soul to push me there), and could not help missing the final lecture to head to the nearby EXPO, unmissable for someone dropping by Milan in this period. I […]

Breads of Italy: Pane Ibleo or ‘U Pani Ri Casa

The inspiration for reconstructing this traditional Sicilian bread comes from a drawing I saw in an agricultural article comparing different flours [L’Informatore Agrario, Supplemento 13/2006]. More and more my interest for bread is moving away from books about baking technique to go closer to the source. The bakers, the millers, and the farmers. The article, […]