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Carciofi Alla Giudia – Roman Jewish Artichokes

My mom is visiting for Easter and she made one of her “cavalli di battaglia” (winning horses?), which is, best ever dishes, Carciofi Alla Giudia. According to my mother, this is a typical Roman Easter dish, to the point some Romans had it for breakfast on Easter morning, together with the intestines of some animal (a part […]

Buttermilk Ciambellone And Happy Easter

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. Maybe because only on Easter I got to eat something home-baked, ciambellone. My mother did not like to bake, but each Easter morning she used to “surprise” us with a fragrant ciambellone, covered with fresh pink flowers and accompanied by all the colorful Easter paraphernalia. What an event. The cake went wonderfully with […]

Home-Baked Fette Biscottate Or Zwieback

I’ve been thinking about this for so long, and always postponing, but yesterday it was too ugly to take my little one out (right baby?) so I felt like I finally could bake my favorite breakfast bread, fette biscottate which, I reckon, are the only way to save myself from the energy-dense breakfasts I’ve been having for a […]

Healthier Hamburger Buns

And here is the promised recipe of the hamburger buns from my red lentils and celery root vegetarian burgers. Not suggesting you have to go for home-made all the time. But, if you ever have the time, I strongly recommend these buns. There is truly no comparison with store-bought ones and, healthwise, home-made gives the advantage of letting us play with different […]

Red Lentils And Celery Root Vegetarian Burger

Last summer I tried to follow a very strict no carb diet. I could do that because at the time I had convinced myself that I was basically a carnivore. But after a couple of weeks I realized that, besides the fact that life style was simply unhealthy, vegetables and bread rather than meat have always been my […]