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Purple Sweet Potato Super-Soft Rolls

I have been wanting to try purple sweet potatoes since reading about the Okinawa people. In this little Japanese island, there wasn’t a big variety of food and locals mostly ate purple sweet potatoes, complemented with rice and legumes and very little more. They have estimated that animal proteins altogether contributed slightly above 1% of […]

IBS-Friendly Diet and Gluten-Free Gnocchi

Having recently received a diagnosis of possible IBS, now it’s the time to understand what to eat and what not. To figure out what to put in my plate, I am doing a series of home-made case-crossover studies on myself. Which is, I try a food, register my reactions over a few days, then I […]

Quick update: My IBS

More than one year has passed since my last post here. There are reasons, and very good news, but I will leave this to another post. Here I wanted to leave a quick update on my “gluten” sensitivity odyssey, for those who have been following my gluten-articles series. I did continue with the investigations, and […]

Master Class 28-29 May 2016, Rotterdam

Quick shout out for my friend’s Ralph coming bread masterclass. If you have the chance, don’t miss it, he is a fantastic teacher and is in very good company for this workshop: So here the hard facts… What: Bread Master Class. When: 28th and 29th of May 2016. Teachers: Ralph Nieboer* & Michel Schröder**. Location: […]

Panis Farreus: 100% Einkorn Ring

  The idea of this loaf came to me reading about a traditional ring-shaped bread, the Cucciddatu, which still survives in some areas of Sicily. The cucciddatu is made out of durum wheat but appears to have its origins in a very ancient Roman bread, Panis Farreus, that was indeed based on Farro, as the […]