Hi there and welcome to Bread & Companatico. Through this website all about bread I aim to inform and share ideas about bread craft and the stuff bread is made of, grains, helping bread enthusiasts to obtain their perfect loaves with the minimal possible effort.

You can follow my bread-related writing also on other platforms, such as the Italian bread bakers’ journal L’Arte Bianca and the online BREAD Magazine.

My interest for bread is all-rounded: I am passionate about bread history, bread chemistry, bread making, health-related effects of bread, and love every step of the process, from grains farming to milling, fermenting and crafting our beloved loaves. Looking forward to get to know your ideas, wishes, doubts, questions about every aspect related to bread. My knowledge is far from encyclopedic but for whatever question I cannot answer right away, I can help you to find an indication on where to look, or whom to ask further. So don’t be shy and keep on bread-ing!

Barbara Elisi C. (founder, project manager, researcher, writer, recipe creator, photographer, you name it)

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