August (and April!) 2016: Holma International Workshop Strikes Back – Masters Adon Shifon and William Woo On Board!


As if it wasn’t enough to come to a lovely farm in Southern Sweden, eat fantastic home-made vegetarian food, and learn from chef and master baker Beesham Soogrim about sourdough baking, this summer he managed to get two guest master bakers, and not any master bakers, but simply two of the most brightly shining stars in the baking firmament, Adon Shifon (Mr. Rye, aka, Oren Hadjadj) and William Woo.


I have been a fan of Oren for years, and while most were thinking to Tartine bread, what inspired me most after my native highly hydrated Roman sourdoughs, was Oren’s bread. So bold and so beautiful, and always wholesome. Oren’s bakery in Israel has long been internationally acknowledged for its outstanding sourdoughs, and to attend one of Oren’s workshops is a dream for many bread bakers, professionals and amateur alike.

beetroot bread

Recently, I have come to know William Woo, through the incessant flow of his and his students’ production at the baking school that he captains in Singapore. I am still waiting to find a bread that William cannot bake (and teach). From astoundingly open crumb ciabattas and baguettes, to bicolor croissant light as feathers, to country loaves of all types and pretzels. You name it, there is no bread formula that William can’t crack and make sing.



So when Beesham told me that Oren and William were coming to Sweden and teaching in the next Holma workshop, it seemed almost too good to be true. As Beesham stated that he will mostly cook and let the other masters teach, I jokingly offered to come to wash the dishes. But what I think will really happen is that we will all have a blast baking together, and talking about ferments, and dough, and temperatures, and breads of all types. And life. Around the wood-fired oven at night. While eating some good pasta madre pizza or knäckebröd (Swedish flat breads).


As if this was not already quite appealing, we will also have with us Dan Brown, a young and promising British baker who is refining his skills in Sweden. So much that he just won the gold medal in flat breads with his very Swedish knäckebröd.

The masterclass will take place August 12th and 13th in Holma, Höör, Sweden. The fee is 600 euros, which include accomodation in site and meals (all from the organic Holma kitchen). The course will cover natural fermentation using different starters and different flours (including heritage varieties), highly hydrated country breads, viennoiserie, ciabattas, focaccias, and pizza. All naturally leavened. A more detailed program will be available at:
I recommend you to contact Beesham at the email address above asap, as places are running out quickly.
Well, hope to see you in Holma -I will be the one washing the dishes (ehm) and baking the pizzas (more likely).

NOTE: the August master class is already fully booked but there are still a few places left for a new master class which will take place in March April.

UPDATE: due to the enthusiastic response and the high interest in this workshop, another date has been now arranged for a master class with Beesham Soogrim and Adon Shifon (Oren Adjadj). Sign the date: 1-2 April 2016. Hurry up to ask to Beesham ( about remaining places!

adon and beesham

Keep on bread-ing!


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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    An truly amazing experience waiting to be had here and not much to top it except perhaps to be able to recreate something erring towards what I know will be some fabulous breads 😊

  2. Paul Stoykovich
    Paul Stoykovich says:

    Hello. Myself and another baker would like to do the course in April 2016, I just wonder if there are any positions available?
    Kind regards,


  3. Shuly K
    Shuly K says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I am having a problem baking the perfect Red beet root sourdough bread. Can”t get a good fermentation and the color
    I am looking for a great recipe and method.
    Thanks and Have a great Holiday.


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