International Workshop in Handcrafted Bread in Beautiful Scania, Sweden

Manfred Enoksson Workshop

_I am proud to announce a 2-days workshop -August 15th and 16th, 2014- which will interests all of you who just can’t stop dreaming of handling dough, learning about natural fermentation, ancient grains, and the art of crafting beautifully looking and incredibly good tasting loaves.

The workshop will be led by the master baker Manfred Enoksson -simply one of the best bakers in Sweden.

Manfred Enoksson

Holma fields

As I am going to be one of the humble students at the workshop, I am particularly happy about the location: Holma, an organic farm with a big professional kitchen, its own mill and… big ovens (including an outdoor wood-fired one). What could a bread enthusiast ever want more?

Happy cows hanging outside the -strictly vegetarian- kitchen

Holma cows

Here the official description of Holma, courtesy of Beesham Soogrim, Holma’s chef and baker, who is lovingly organizing this course:

“Holma is owned by a non-profit foundation with purpose to spread knowledge and interest for organic, vegetarian food. Situated in the centre of Scania, the southernmost county of Sweden, Holma has serene rural environment while being only minutes from Höör train station with convenient connections to the large cities around including Copenhagen and it’s international airport, only an hour away.

At Holma you find ecological farming including greenhouses and orchard. The Forest garden is a unique project where you also find a barbeque area and a wood-fired bread-oven. The main building has accommodation and meeting facilities and a large professional restaurant kitchen with large baking-ovens and a mill for freshly ground flour. The kitchen only works with ecological vegetarian ingredients.

A short relaxing walk takes you to Holma’s gracing meadows, carefully managed with EU support to preserve the old fauna of flowers and grass that now is becoming rare due to over-fertilisation in modern farming.”

wood fired oven

Holma kitchen

lively dough

lively dough

In the large kitchen of Holma farm we will be able to play with large amounts of dough, like in a professional bakery. We will study about natural fermentation, poolish, shaping, scoring and lamination techniques. Both classic white levain and dark earthy whole grain breads will be covered.

handcrafted sourdough baguette

During the intensive 2-day workshop we will be initiated to the basics and beyond of naturally leavened, handcrafted, bread by master Manfred Enoksson, head baker Sålta Kvarn-the largest organic mill in Sweden- and possibly the main reference in the country for training both leisure and professional bakers in the rediscovered craft of sourdough baking.

Manfred and Beesham

decorative breads

last bread workshop at Holma

The course will take place the 15th and 16th of August 2014. Course participants will be hosted at Holma’s organic farm, in individual rooms. Organic vegetarian meals are included in the course fee. The farm lies nearby the railway station of Höör, which is only 1 hour away from the airport of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The fee is 350 Euros, all included (except for transportation). Only few places are available so I recommend contacting asap the course organizer, Beesham Soogrim, (mobile: 0046 739960721).

Looking forward to meet as many as you as possible this summer in beautiful Scania!

***Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this promotion, I do it only because I want to see this happen.

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    idity8 says:

    i wish i could come too…. 🙁 but so happy for you B. . i’m gonna save my flight ticket to sweden to the date that your bakery will be open 🙂 can’t wait…


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