Lemon Chocolate Fougasse

Chocolate-Lemon Fougasse

So, as usual since I moved to this cold land, in this period of the year I go through month-long colds. Yesterday night, after finally starting the right therapy, I felt my energy back and, guess what, I HAD TO bake.

For a couple of months I have been thinking of a chocolate-orange fougasse seen around (a Swedish bakery makes a beautiful one) so what better occasion to try making something similar? I always have chocolate and organic lemons at hand, so mine immediately was transformed into a chocolate-lemon fougasse.

And since it was already quite late, I opted for a yeast-based bread rather than a sourdough, which means this bread can be made in quite a short time and without any need to plan ahead. It was the first time I seriously tried to shape a fougasse (ok, tried once before a couple of years ago, but I did not put much thought into it and I was not that happy with the result). It was actually very easy, much easier than you may think… and the result will absolutely impress your family and guests. Effortless and stunning, that’s how we like it, right?

Chocolate Lemon Fougasse

Chocolate Lemon Fougasse


Ingredients (makes 2 breads)
40 g fresh yeast
660 g luke warm water
1 kg flour (I used 500 g organic bread flour, 150 g whole-wheat barley flour, 350 g organic stone-ground bread flour)
1 egg
40 g olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
70 g caster sugar
2 organic lemons, peel of both and juice of 1 1/2
250 g dark chocolate (70-75% cocoa), chopped
confectioner’s sugar+little water for final brushing

1. Dissolve the yeast in the luke-warm water then add the flour and start kneading, add the sugar, then the egg, and at last the salt and the olive oil. Keep kneading until the dough looks smooth (about 20 minutes by machine)
2. Place the dough in a tall air-tight container and let rest for a hour, covered
3. Incorporate the chocolate and the lemon peel and juice and knead quicly until the dough appears reasonably smooth again
4. Shape two balls out of the dough and place on a floured surface to rest for an half hour. You can use salad bowls to create a vacuum over the balls
5. Shape each ball into an oval (batard in French) and flatten well the oval with the palms of your hands
6. With a sharp knife make one central cut and 6 lateral cuts, 3 on each side (as shown in the pictures)
7. Let rest, covered for 20-30 minutes
8. Bake at 230 C/445 F degrees until the fougasse appears golden brown
9. Brush with a mixture of confectioner’s sugar and water when still hot

Chocolate Lemon Fougasse


Ingredienti (per due pani)
40 g lievito di birra fresco
660 g acqua tiepida
1 kg farina (io ho usato 500 g frumento 00, 350 g tipo 1 e 150 g integrale di orzo)
1 uovo
40 g olio EVO
1 1/2 sale marino
70 g zucchero
2 limoni biologici, scorza di entrambi e succo di 1 1/2
250 g cioccolata amara (70-75% cacao), tagliata a pezzetti
zucchero a velo e un po’ d’acqua per il tocco finale

1. Fai sciogliere il lievito nell’acqua tiepida, aggiungi la farina e comincia ad impastare, poi aggiungi lo zucchero, l’uovo, poi il sale e l’olio. Lavora finche’ l’impasto appare liscio (circa 20 minuti a macchina)
2. Metti l’impasto a lievitare ben coperto per un’ora
3. Aggiungi la cioccolata e la scorza e succo dei limoni e impasta rapidamente finche’ l’impasto non appare abbastanza liscio
4. Forma due palle e mettile a lievitare per una mezz’ora direttamente sul piano di lavoro infarinato, coprendo con delle insalatiere capienti o con canovaccio
5. Forma ogni palla in un ovale (batard in francese) e appiattisci ciascun ovale con i palmi delle mani
6. Infarina la superfice degli ovali e pratica i tagli come mostrato nelle foto
7. Lascia lievitare, coperto con un canovaccio, per 20-30 minuti
8. Inforna a 230 gradi e cuoci finche’ le fougasse appaiono ben dorate (se hai un forno piccolo come il mio ne cuocerai una alla volta)
9. Spennella le fougasse ancora calde con un mix di zucchero a velo e acqua

Chocolate Lemon Fougasse

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  1. Che Foodzeit
    Che Foodzeit says:

    Every time I see the amazing shape of a Fougasse, I decide that I have to make one as well. But then I don’t :(. But your delicious sounding recipe is something that just made it on my list of things to bake. Looks good, sounds good and certainly is also tasting good. Well done !

  2. sandra pilacchi
    sandra pilacchi says:

    ieri sera avevo il lievito che voleva scappare dalla sua casetta e mi sei venuta in mente tu: bellissimi i tuoi dolci al cioccolato.
    tvb, lo so che non vuoi che te lo dica ma ogni tanto fammi contenta e lasciamelo dire.

  3. Pattipa
    Pattipa says:

    Barbara, finalmente mi sono svegliata e ti ho inserito nei contatti di bloglovin così sarà più facile seguirti… aveva del ridicolo che proprio con te non riuscivo a passare per una visitina..: L’ho vista dillà questa fougasse e ti faccio i miei complimenti! Ti bascio forte e auguro a te e alla principessina un buon w.e.! <3

    • Barbara
      Barbara says:

      ma grazie Patti! come avrai notato anche io non passo mai, e’ che spesso mi connetto solo con il mio vecchio cell e da li’ lasciare commenti su blogs e’ praticamente impossibile -ma ho un ipad in programma 😉 buon weekend a te e alle tue 3 principesse!!!!

  4. chouette22
    chouette22 says:

    Oh, this looks absolutely fantastic. I often make ‘fougasse,’ but so far always on the savory side (my latest one included cheese, olives and walnuts – wonderful, by the way. This is the recipe I based mine on, in case you are interested: However, I have never made them on the sweet side and this is very intriguing! Instead of making a chocolate bread, make a chocolate fougasse. Such a great idea and more surface for building a crust. Grazie tanto per l’ispirazione!

  5. sandrapunto
    sandrapunto says: starei facendo una raccolta di lievitati… conosce Panissimo lei???Questa spettacolare fougasse dolce troverebbe la sua casa ideale, creda a me!! 😀 😀
    Vabbè, sto facendo un po’ la pagliaccia, ma ci terrei molto e se non passavo da te per cercare la ricetta dei tuoi pani-pizzo, questa ricetta me la perdevo!
    La aspetto :*


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