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On January Panissimo, our monthly bread showcase from Italy and, well, the world had a very intriguing optional theme. All breads are always welcome, but we suggest also a theme for extra inspiration, and last month the theme was ethnic breads. With ethnic we meant not inspired to the European tradition, where bread has been central since… well quite some time ago. It is interesting to notice how every culture has its own bread. Mostly unleavened outside of Europe but still beautiful and extremely appealing if one looks at all the ethnic breads our enthusistic bloggers have found around the globe and baked with us.

So go to Sandra from Sono Io Sandra to see the complete showcase for Panissimo January. There have been 90 breads with recipe sent and many of them were indeed non European. So very fascinating… I am personally digging into the collection planning my next dinner, maybe a Naan with goat cheese will be the perfect match for my spicy stew? Or will I opt for a Makish with Za’tar? What a wonderful way to puzzle my mind!

I remind you that in February Panissimo will be hosted by Sandra from Dolce Forno and the theme will be Regional Breads from Italy. Go there to see what has already been submitted or to submit your new breads.

And soon Panissimo will come back home, id est, on Bread and Companatico, but until then I will keep you posted about the different guest hosts and collections.

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    see above says:

    Dear Barbara,

    I am unsubscribing because every time I try to download your blog my computer crashes and I have found no solutions.

    Any suggestions? Am I the only person with this problem?

    • Barbara
      Barbara says:

      that sounds strange… I did not hear any complaints of this type so far and I do open my website from several computers and never experienced it myself, good luck with your machine and hope to see you around in the future


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