Sustainable Eats: Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Gratin

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Have you already made some resolution for 2014? Have you thought of some good deed which you could easily carry forward and which could make a difference for everyone? No, I am not trying to sell you something. I am just playing the role of Pinocchio’s cricket, the annoying little thing who reminds Pinocchio what he SHOULD be doing. In other words, your conscience.

So let me be your conscience and suggest you an easy and yummy way to do something good. Well, I am sure you are aware of the global warming phenomenon which is putting at serious risk the future of our planet as we know it, and the survival of our and other species who inhabitate this planet. But did you know that a considerable amount of the pollution in our planet is caused by animal farming? Farmed animal’s gas emission has been estimated to be more prominent than that produced by all veicles on earth, including airplanes. Now, while it is difficult to prevent airplanes from flying or people from driving cars, we can indeed, quite easily, reduce our meat consumption. It is not even necessary to become vegetarian, it is enough to have more meatless meals during the week. And use animal products, like cheese, just as seasoning rather than like a main.


Considering all this, my good deed for 2014 is to start a new recipes series based on yummy and sustainable dishes which have vegetables as the queens and kings. So let’s start the series with a scrumptious vegetables gratin. Two vegetables, cauliflower and sweet potatoes which wonderfully complement each other in both texture and taste. And become a proper luxury meal just by adding some sage chips on top of the gratin. It went incredibly well accompanied by some organic jasmine rice, which soaked up happily all the juices of the veggies.

This is a dish which is easy to make but that takes more than the usual 1/2 hour we can dedicate to cooking dinner during a regular week day. So my suggestion is to make a lot of it during the weekend and portion it for the week to come. That is why I multiplied original doses for 1 1/2, and I added also a little extra cheese for extra yumminess.

[gmc_recipe 6654]

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I am sending this recipe to the lovely monthly collection of Lavender and Lovage, Cooking With Herbs.

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  1. fabiglutenfree
    fabiglutenfree says:

    I love vegetables au gratin. We eat seasonal vegetables because my greengrocer is an organic farmer and this the perfect season for cabbages and trevisan radicchio. I will try your recipe, with potatoes, since the rest of the family is not so keen on sweet potatoes.
    Have a nice day

  2. sandra
    sandra says:

    i buoni propositi mi piacciono, signora Grillo Parlante.. sarà che negli ultimi mesi ci ho pensato molto anch’io a questa storia dell’allevamento e dell’effetto serra dei gas delle mucchette….. però ho notato che ho di molto ridotto anch’io l’uso della carne e del pesce. vediamo se procedo perso la giusta strada! e i gratin…. sono stupendi e questo pure!
    bella l’idea dell’eco sostenibile in cucina….

  3. karen278
    karen278 says:

    What an absolutely divine looking gratin Barbara and such a wonderful entry for Cooking with Herbs too……thanks so much for linking up, and I LOVE your photos! Karen


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