PANISSIMO – 15/05/13

Panissimo 3And here we are, contemplating the incredible bread bounty of the third edition of Panissimo. This time I will let the images and the names of the breads to talk, and remember that if you click on the name of the blog besides each bread you can access the full post with the complete method to make each of these baked wonders. And don’t forget to go to Sandra from Indovina ci viene a cena?  for a sparkly roundup in Italian.


baguette ai ceci


Chickpea Flour Baguette – Baguette Con Farina di Ceci
Sandra from Dolce Forno







herbed cheese sourdough focaccia


Herbed Cheese Sourdough Focaccia – Focaccia al Formaggio e Erbe
Zita from Baking Badly




panini ai 5 cereali e yogurt


5 Cereals and Yoghurt Rolls – Panini ai 5 cereali e Yogurt
Simona from A Tutta Cucina





English Muffin


English Muffins – Muffin Inglesi

Karin from Brot & Bread






pane pistacchi


Saffron and Pistacho Nuts Bread – Pane allo Zafferano e Pistacchi
Chiara from Un Pizzico di Magia







pane toscano


Tuscan Bread – Pane Toscano
Maddalena from La Cucina Scacciapensieri di Maddalena




pane di canapa


Hemp Bread – Pane di Canapa
Sandra from Nuvole a Bassa Quota







Simona from Briciole







pane alla birra


Rye Bread With Weissbier- Pane alla Segale con Weissbier
Michele from Free Bakery and More









Parmesan Focaccia Biscotti – Biscotti di Focaccia al Parmigiano
Rachael from Pizzarossa







multigrain sourdough


Scandinavian Style Multigrain Sourdough – Pane Scandinavo ai Cereali
Barbara from Bread & Companatico







pane pasta dura


Sourdough Bread with Dry Dough – Pane a Pasta Dura con Lievito Madre
Donatella from L’Ingrediente Perduto









Whole Wheat Croissants – Croissant Integrali
Giovanna from Pasta e Non Solo






Emanuela from Pane, Burro e Alici






pane olive e peperoni



Olive and Peppers Bread – Pane Bianco alle Olive e Peperoni

Patty from Il Castello di Patty Patty



panini al limone


Pain de Méteil au Citron – Panini al Limone
Georgia from Hepibooka




pane ai piselli


Pea Sourdough Loaf – Pane alla Farina di Piselli
Georgia from Hepibooka







ciabatta integrale alla segale


Whole Wheat and Rye Ciabatta – Ciabatta Integrale alla Segale
Simona from A Tutta Cucina




panini all'olio



Sourdough Olive Oil Rolls – Panini all’Olio con Lievito Naturale
Terry from I Pasticci di Terry




pan briosche


Pan Briosche
Lucia from Torta Di Rose





pane al farro


Spelt and Whole Wheat Bread – Pane con Farina di Farro e Integrale

Giovanna from La Cuoca Eclettica







brioche con confettura di marroni


Chestnut Marmelate Briosche – Briosche con Crema di Marroni

Sandra from Dolce Forno




Braid with Grape Juice and Apples – Treccia di Pane con Succo d’Uva e Mele

Sandra from Indovina Chi Viene a Cena?




So many breads and I would have so many things to say on each of them but, alas, I am on the road this week and yet for another couple of weeks. Next edition of Panissimo will then be hosted 100% by Sandra from Indovina ci viene a cena? who will take care (with my help) of both the English and the Italian versions of the roundup. And I will be back here the 1st of June. Don’t hesitate to send your breads to Rules for participation here.

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    @magentratzerl and @ninivepisces: you don’t need to make them all 🙂 but sure you can learn a lot and get some inspiration for your next bakes. Personally, I almost never make a bread 100% the way someone else made it. but I constantly pick techniques and ideas here and there to use when the bread goddess makes me bake 😉

    • georgiagilmour
      georgiagilmour says:

      Barbara, I agree with you 100%, well, you already know my trick with ‘changes’ =) I wanted also to thank you for the collection! Already got great ideas on what to do next!

  2. Simona
    Simona says:

    From rustic to refined, the contributions span a wide array of choices. Congratulations to all the bakers! And thanks Barbara and Sandra for hosting this inspiring event.

  3. Alida
    Alida says:

    So many wonderful recipes Barbara!! Your contest is a real success! I am hoping to make some bread soon too. For now I am going to have a look and to learn from all these beautiful creations! Ciao!


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